French Polishing


We complement our wood flooring work with a bespoke French Polishing service for staircarses, panel work and furniture. Starting as a traditional  French Polishing apprentice over 35 years ago we appreciate the beauty and complexity of wood. from Pulman carriages to dining tables, we have a plethora of experience. Please feel free to contact Andy with any questions or queries. 


We picked up this old, tired mahogany table from Framlingham School which had been stored outside and needed restoring for the new headteacher’s premises on the grounds. The top was thoroughly cleaned using liquid strippers, steel wools and methylated spirits. It was then carefully hand sanded and finished naturally with durable table top lacquers. The base was painted. A lovely piece of solid mahogany (and so heavy it took two of us just to move the top around)!!

framlingham school
framlingham school table
framlingham school table 2
framlingham school table 3

This beautiful old pine gateleg table has been so well used over the years that the finish was finally beginning to tire and wear, and was in need of refinishing. The top was stripped using liquid strippers, coarse steel wools and neutralisers, and then carefully hand sanded. Durable table top polishes were then applied to create a high build over repeated applications and once cured the top was finished with fine steel wools and beeswaxes.

french polishing table before
french polishing table during
french polishing table after

A beautiful little restoration number!

card table french polish
card table french polish 1


staircase transformation
staircase transformation middle
staircase transformation finish


banister before
banister after
banister one before
banister one after

Sink Surrounds!

sink restoration before
sink restoration after