Wood Floor


floor sanding essex

If anybody has had a go at sanding their own wooden floors, they’ll know how dusty it can get! We use the very best Frank Viper belt sander machines for excellent finish and minimum dust and we constantly update our range as improved machines become available. All our hand held power tools are also connected to separate dust extractors to minimise dust.

The sanding process takes off all the surface dirt, grime, and general build up from over the years. There are some fabulous wooden floors just waiting to be discovered under carpets and years of wear and tear! 

A beautiful parquet floor reveals itself after years of being covered up!

mosaic hidden flooring sanding

This fanatstic parquet floor had been hidden for years under carpets and was only exposed during renovation of the property. 

parquet border hidden flooring sanding

The floor was carefully sanded to a fine finish using our Franke sanding machine, and then scradded to make sure all the sanding marks were invisible.

mosaic hidden flooring sanding

The stunning floor was then brought back to life with three applications of Junckers polyurethane laquer – commercial quality to ensure years of beauty.

A reviving sand and re-lacquer on a honeymoon suite floor

honeymoon suite 1
honeymoon suite 2
honeymoon suite 3

Before and after shots of rediscovered wooden floors

wood boards pre sanding
wood boards post sanding
bitumen board pre sanding
bitumen board post sanding
pine boards sanding
pine boards sanding 2
parquet sanding
parquet sanding 2