Wood Floor Repairs



amc woodfinishers repairs and restoration

We carry out any repairs and restoration that need doing before your floor is transformed. This can involve anything from replacing old joists to treating with woodworm solutions and replacing any rotten timbers as appropriate. Some of our clients have knocked out fireplaces and so we can  source replacement blocks to fill in any areas before we get down to sanding and laquering. 

Once the repairs have been completed, we can get down to restoring your floor to its original beauty with Sanding and Finishing

Repairs to a Parquet floor with a knocked out firepace

parquet fire place repairs
parquet fire place repairs 2
parquet fire place repairs 3
parquet fire place sanding
parquet fire place sanding
parquet fire place sanding 3

Repairs and restoration on a parquet floor

repairs on parquet floor
repairs on parquet floor 2
repairs on parquet floor 3

In-fill fireplace repairs and restoration

restoration of parquet floor
restoration of parquet floor 2
restoration of parquet floor 3